The Coop believes in providing the right solution for our clients, that comes from years of a multitude of experiences where we end frustrated by the lack of cultural identity and lackluster creative direction.  We truly live in a global village, and our industry is dominated by very different markets, in very different countries, with very different cultures and needs.  The Chicken Coop was designed from the ground up to solve these issues.

We’re by nature extremely diverse, with worldwide experience in creating shows for different markets and cultures.  Our cooperative-style firm lets our teams grow, shrink, and change to best suit the needs of our clients.  Unlike other rigid companies, we have a vast variety of specialists and creatives that we can pick and choose from to best suit the needs of our clients.  Need lighting and costume design for a Bollywood-style concert?  You got it.  Video and set design for a corporate event in China?  Absolutely.  Creative direction for a pop artist? No problem.  Being aware of the cultural idiosyncrasies of the production, teams, and settings makes us a lot more flexible than other design teams.
We’re not cooped up in a cage by our own egos or portfolios, we hatch ideas in order to meet our client’s unique needs.

Our diversity has also provided us with the knowledge to navigate increasingly complex situations.  We can manage a huge variety of budgets and are proud to be constantly applying cutting edge flair and technology to our designs.  The whole point is to increase the value of our client’s productions, to make their lives easier by increasing redundancy and failsafes, and to deliver a polished final product.
 We can provide the right design for your needs, your budget, and your  creative and cultural identity.

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To Create a visual experience that surpasses anything you've ever dreamed.

Our Vision